ArcWorks and Third Eye Design Partner to Create Safer Motorcyclists

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Two local businesses partnering to create safer motorcyclists and manufacturing jobs for people in the community: Partnership with ArcWorks and Third Eye Design, Inc.

Third Eye Design, Inc. designs and manufactures cutting-edge technology products centered on a patented, groundbreaking design. Headquartered in Pittsford, NY, with offices in Washington, DC, and Sorrento, FL their first product is a wireless brake and signal light for placement on and integration into motorcycle helmets to create greater visibility and safety for motorcyclists and those they interact with on the road.

David Werner, President of Third Eye Design remarks: “We are very particular company in terms of delivering a product. We wanted to make sure that we get something right the first time. We knew we had to partner with manufacturers who had that same kind of capability and philosophy to deliver. It’s one of the reasons we were so pleased to become familiar with ArcWorks.”

View the video with Third Eye Design at

10 Comments on “ArcWorks and Third Eye Design Partner to Create Safer Motorcyclists”

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