A Career in Care and Compassion

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Sheila Parson is a Direct Support Professional (DSP), her career of nine years.  When asked how she became a DSP she said, “I worked in this field when I was a teenager and decided to get back in the fields. I love to help others in need.”

Being a DSP is hard work and there are definitely rough days, like any other job.  To get through tough times Sheila says, “I take time out for myself.  It takes a good team to make the rough edges smooth.  When I hear the people I support tell me that that I’m a nice person and that they love me makes it all worth the difficult times.”

At home Sheila has incredible support from family and friends.   Having someone to spend time with, share concerns with, and trust is important to Sheila.  She also shares a lot of laughs with her husband, who reminds her of Martin Lawrence, because they are both so funny.

Sheila expresses that she loves helping people with disabilities gain independence and reach their goals. Inside and outside of work she offers support to whoever needs it and enjoys doing things that make people smile.

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