Making An Impact As a Direct Support Professional

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Tempest has been a Direct Support Professional at the Arc of Monroe for over a year and shared an inspirational story about a gentleman she worked with, and how this experience helped mold her life and ultimately her career.

“I worked with a gentleman for over a year. His most effective way of communicating was by using sign language. I was out sick for almost a week and when I returned he came to me and gave me a hug and verbally said my name. It put the biggest smile on my face and it made me so happy because during my first year I would say my name to him several times a day hoping he would repeat it and he never would.”

As a result of this incredible moment she realized the impact of witnessing this kind growth in someone and knowing that she had a hand in it.  “It was that moment that I knew I would never leave this field,” said Tempest.

If you are considering a career as a direct support professional, visit our career page to apply.

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