Why We Are Choosing Inclusive Day Care

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My husband Nick and I have both work or have worked in the field supporting people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. I currently work in the field, and have for almost 11 years, and my husband previously worked with supportive employment for some time before starting his HVAC career.  When we decided to have our first baby we looked into inclusive day care.  We both wanted our son Declan to learn that all people should be treated with dignity and respect, and that differences are a good thing.  When Declan was first born we visited my place of employment and have visited two times since then.  Declan is at the age where he is starting to be very observant, so at a young age we want him to experience all that he can.

For us we think that Declan will develop an increased appreciation and acceptance of individual differences.  Currently Declan is at an in-home day care that practices the Montessori style of play and learning.  This in-home day care is very inclusive of all children. We wanted to do in-home for his first year or so before transitioning him to an inclusive day care center.  We encourage Declan every day to learn as we model appropriate social interactions for him.

Teaching Acceptance and Inclusion

One final thought to share is that we are parents actively model acceptance and appreciation for all people, we as parents teach our children so much. I encourage all parents to provide educational opportunities and promote acceptance of all people.

Inclusive Resources

Here are to two great resources for inclusive day care and summer camps:



Nicole and DeclanNicole Reisig is a PrecisionCare Analyst for the Arc of Monroe.  She has been with the agency for over 10 years.

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