Meet the Management – Lucas Relkin

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As we continue to expand our capabilities, Lucas Relkin, our Manufacturing Engineer, is often behind the scenes finding the best equipment and figuring out the best processes that will benefit both current and prospective customers.

With a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) and previous experience at a space and defense company, Lucas has been a great addition to the experienced ArcWorks team for the last year and half. He has been an integral part in our success of exceeding client expectations and improving the way we operate on a daily basis.

Lucas loves his job at ArcWorks not just for the ability to share his expertise, but also because of the people. “I love working with the people here because they’re happy to be at work every day,” Lucas said. Our integrated workforce of people with and without intellectual and developmental disabilities creates a unique work environment that brings excitement to each day.

Lucas is the Manufacturing Engineer at ArcWorks. To connect with him, email or call 585-698-1320 ext. 6051.

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