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With 85,000 sq ft of space, we are always searching for the most efficient way to organize and execute jobs for our customers. Rob Wallner, our Manager of Planning/Warehouse and Logistics, plays an essential role in making that happen.

With 15 years of experience in warehouse and production management, Rob was a great addition to our team. Since he started at ArcWorks about three years ago, Rob has implemented a lot of exciting changes at our facility. Over the course of the last few years, we have expanded our capabilities and started working with dozens of new businesses instead of primarily focusing on one or two. Because of this expansion, we needed a better system for tracking and organizing all of our jobs in order to maintain the quality standards our customers have come to know and appreciate. As Rob developed plans to make this happen, he introduced new technologies, created a barcode system, and rearranged the warehouse in a way that allowed our staff to work more efficiently with the increase in jobs.

“My favorite part of working here is seeing it change from what it was when I first started, which was primarily Thermo Fisher, and now having a lot of different, higher-end, electronic builds, as well as the variety of customers that we have now,” Rob said. “It really is turning into much more than what it was.”

We are so thankful to have Rob on our team as he helps us navigate new ways to improve our work and help our customers.

Rob Wallner is the Manager of Planning/Warehouse and Logistics at ArcWorks. To connect with him, email or call (585) 698-1320 ext. 1321. 

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