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At ArcWorks, our business continues to grow, and we have had wonderful opportunities to work with new companies from a variety of fields. As our manufacturing capacity continues to increase, our team continues to add new staff to effectively meet the needs of our customers. We are thrilled to announce that Thomas Ketchum has joined our growing team as a new Business Development Manager.

Tom has an extensive background in retail, sales, technology, distribution and management. Before joining the team at ArcWorks, Tom gained decades of experience with various Rochester-based companies where he implemented innovative strategies. At ArcWorks, we are grateful for the knowledge that Tom brings to the team as we broaden our reach and partner with new companies around the globe. His ability to link the right customers with the right services that we offer creates true win-win situations.

One of the perks of working at ArcWorks, according to Tom, is knowing that he is doing meaningful work and there is room for advancement. “I like it here. It’s definitely a better quality of life,” Tom said. “Even my friends notice. I’m not as on-edge as I used to be. I’m more relaxed, and that’s because I just like my job better.”

We are thankful to have Tom join our business team at ArcWorks and look forward to seeing all that he will accomplish here.

Tom Ketchum is a Business Development Manager at ArcWorks. To connect with him, email or call 585-698-1320 ext. 1202.


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