Meet the Management – Tina Leisenring

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As the Production Manager at ArcWorks, Tina Leisenring plays an essential role in ensuring that all of our customers’ products are manufactured with care and that our staff are meeting their goals.

Tina came to ArcWorks two years ago with a wealth of knowledge and experience in manufacturing from multiple companies and her time serving as a medic in the Air Force. Her bachelor’s degree and certifications in Environmental Management and Quality Management from Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) also set her up for success in this role. In addition to her professionalism and expertise, Tina’s ability to work well with our staff who have developmental and intellectual disabilities is what makes her a wonderful part of our team.

“My favorite part about working at ArcWorks is the teamwork atmosphere and helping the people we support and seeing how excited they are to come here and work and learn new things,” Tina said. “That’s the biggest reward.”

Tina is the Production Manager at ArcWorks. To connect with her, email or call 585-698-1320.

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